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Council Actions - March 16, 2017

 During City Council’s March 16, 2017 meeting the following actions were taken:

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Council Actions - February 6, 2017

During their meeting of February 6, 2017, the City Council approved Bill 6047, a parcel development agreement for the 60 West TIF District.  Read More

Rail-to-Trail Final Drawings

The final drawings for Sikeston's Rail-to-Trail have been completed.  To view these drawings, click here.

Council Actions - January 30, 2017

During today’s 11:30 AM meeting, Council took the following actions. Read More

2017 Honors Board Nominations Being Accepted

Now through Friday, February 24, nominees will be accepted for the 2017 Honors Board installation by the Parks and Recreation Division.  Click here for more details.

FY-16 Audit Report

The FY-16 Audit Report for the City of Sikeston has been completed.  To view this report, click here.

City of Sikeston Recycling Survey

The City of Sikeston is exploring our residents’ attitudes and desires regarding recycling, trash service, and litter prevention before we enter into a new contract for trash pickup and recycling services. Please use this survey to tell us what you think!

Adoption of Stormwater Ordinance #6016

The City of Sikeston has recently adopted Ordinance #6016, which helps regulate StormWater and illicit discharges. Read More


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Council Action - January 3, 2017

Council met yesterday at 5 PM.  They received a briefing on SEMA’s floodplain mapping project for New Madrid County. 
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