Public Works

Department of Public Works

Jay Lancaster

Public Works Director - Jay Lancaster
105 E. Center Street  Sikeston, MO  63801
Phone:  573-475-3740
Fax:  573-471-1526

The Public Works Department works to develop and maintain the various infrastructure, amenities, and services of our community. 
As a Public Works Department... 

  • We maintain our roads and bridges
  • We develop and sustain our park system
  • We inspect buildings for safety and conformity to building codes
  • We control at-large and dangerous animals
  • We offer places to gather for community events and meetings
  • We maintain the City’s many inlets, pipes and ditches that carry away stormwater
  • We work to promote safe and well-kept properties to ensure safety and property values
  • We oversee the long term planning of our community
  • We oversee the flood plain administration of the Sikeston area
  • We oversee the Sikeston Municipal Airport
  • We maintain the many vehicles and pieces of equipment used by the City of Sikeston
  • We maintain the many facilities of the City of Sikeston 

 We are here to serve the community, and promote a prosperous and safe Sikeston.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions…please call or schedule a visit. 

Public Works Staff:
LeAnn Simmons, Administrative Assistant  
Phone:  573-475-3741

Street Division
– Brian Dial, Street Superintendent
Public Works Complex
316 North West Street, Sikeston MO
Phone:  573-475-3731
Performs storm water maintenance, street maintenance including patching, cleaning and snow removal; performs routine maintenance and repairs on municipally owned buildings; and manages the City’s Compost Site and leaf collection program.    

Vehicle Maintenance Division – Paul Todd, Supervisor
Public Works Complex
316 North West Street, Sikeston MO
Phone:  573-475-3734
Performs routine maintenance and repairs on the City’s fleet of gasoline and diesel powered cars, trucks and heavy equipment.  Also maintains and repairs City owned power tools and mowers.  

Parks Division – Dustin Care, Parks and Recreation Director
Clinton Building
501 Campanella Drive, Sikeston MO
Phone:  573-475-3725
Maintains and repairs park facilities including playground equipment, baseball and soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, picnic shelters, concession stands and public restroom facilities; operates the Clinton Building; and assists the Streets Division with snow removal.

Airport Division - Chris Hart, Airport Manager
Sikeston Municipal Airport
160 Airport Drive, Sikeston MO
Phone:  573-471-2037  
Handles day-to-day operations of the municipal airport to include fuel operations, hanger maintenance and providing customer service to clients who visit our City.