Airport Project Information

Airport Project Information

May 19, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

The City of Sikeston is planning to make improvements to the Sikeston Memorial Municipal Airport under project 07-077B 1 & 2 including the following described work: 

Surface preparation and bituminous overlay of the runway, relocation of an approximate 1,200 LF section of taxiway and an approximate 1,000 LF section of Campanella Drive.

Bids were received on April 21, 2009, and attached is a copy of the bids received. (Link)

The proposed project would be funded in part by grant funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).

The estimated total project cost for the project is $1,954,328.80.

The project would be broken into 2 eligibility categories:

  1. Activities for ARRA funding would include all work except the taxiway relocation and a portion of the construction phase engineering services. The estimated amount of ARRA funds to be used for the project total $1,627,391.96, and would be used for $1,618,071.75 in construction and $9,320.21 for the costs of construction phase engineering services.

  2. The balance of the project would not be eligible for ARRA funding, and would be financed with Non-Primary Entitlement Funds and local matching funds totaling $326,936.84. These funds would be used in the amounts of $237,124.05 for construction of the taxiway relocation and $89,812.79 for construction phase engineering services.

A map noting the location of the ARRA-eligible construction activities is attached. (Link)

The City has made the certifications noted in Attachment 1, and has made the information presented herein available to the public by posting on the City website at


Doug Friend
City Manager

Link to

Full Project Documents & Attachments
Airport Sponsor Certifications & Certificate of Sponsor's Attorney (Attachment 1)

Tabulation of Bids

Airport Plan Noting Location of the ARRA-Eligible Construction Activities