Council Actions - June 1, 2020

During last night’s Council meeting, the following actions were taken:
  1. Approved Bill #6188, readopting the Fair Housing Policy.  This policy must be adopted annually to stay in compliance with CDBG funding to ensure housing discrimination is not practiced in the City of Sikeston and to establish a Fair Housing Committee to hear violations, which in Sikeston is the Housing Authority Board.
  1. Conducted the first reading of Bill #6191, FY21 Budget Ordinance. 
  1. Conducted first reading of Bill #6190 which is the FY21 Staffing & Compensation Ordinance.  This ordinance includes a 3% general wage increase for all regular employees, except skilled workers, their supervisors and communication officers.  These employees will receive a $1/hour increase.  Also, Veterans Day will be a regular holiday instead of a “floating holiday”.  City Hall will now close on Veterans Day.  Vacation accrual was changed from one week and one day of vacation upon completion of one year of service to two weeks and one day.  Public Safety commissioned officers are now eligible for a one-year merit adjustment.  In recent years, they went 3 years before they were eligible for a merit increase.
  1. Conducted first reading of Bill #6197 which amends the FY20 budget to reflect additional expenditures not included in the original budget.  Noted activities include recently settled legal activity and major repair of front-line pumper damaged in an accident.
  1. Conducted first reading of Bill #6194, readopting the Ethics Ordinance.  This ordinance is renewed every year and requires the City Manager and City Treasurer to file a personal financial statement with the Ethics Commission.  City Council members are exempt unless someone receives more than $500 in remuneration from the City.
  1. Conducted the first reading of Bill #6196 to dissolve the Rental Ordinance Review Board.  With the passing of the updated Rental Ordinance this year, Board of Appeals was appointed to conduct hearings of appeals regarding rental property.
  1. Approved Resolution 20-06-01 to surplus a 2013 Chevy Tahoe from DPS inventory.
  1. Awarded Bid 20-55, roofing and construction materials for the Sikeston Airport Quonset Hangar, to C & K Building Materials, Inc. in the amount of $13,324.19.
  1. Awarded Bid 20-49 for the demolition of 240 William Street to Ferrell Enterprises in the amount of $11,680 and Bid 20-50 for the demolition of 615 West North Street to Rhoden and Turner Excavation in the amount of $10,300.
  1. Authorized the Mayor to sign a Letter of Understanding with Beussink, Hey, Roe & Stroder, L.L.C. for one year of auditing services for the City of Sikeston in the amount of $32,000.
  1. Other Items:
Citizen Michael Harris asked about installing a four-way stop at Jackson & Jaycee
There being no other items, the meeting was adjourned into Executive Session for Personnel. The next Council meeting will be held Monday, June 8th at 5:00 p.m. at the Clinton Building.