Council Action - October 19, 2017

During yesterday’s Council meeting, Sikeston City Council took the following actions:
  1. Street Supervisor Darren Martin gave Council an overview of the revised Stormwater Management Plan.  As part of a State requirement, they City must develop a plan with the purpose of reducing pollutants in storm water.  Council accepted this updated plan.
  2. Council authorized the passing of Bill #6072, which would allow the Mayor to execute a contract between the City of Sikeston and the Missouri Highways & Transportation Commission.  This contract would incorporate remaining available STP-Urban funds in the amount of $44,752.11 into the Rail-to-Trail Project TAP #5800 (014).  This supplemental agreement will add these funds to the existing project.
  3. Public Works Director Jay Lancaster provided information about the need to update scoreboards at the Recreation Complex for the high school softball and soccer fields as well as the high school baseball field located at VFW Stadium.   Scoreboard prices can vary, depending on what features are needed (sponsor panels, a team message center, etc.).  After much discussion, Council gave authorization for Parks & Recreation to proceed with going out to bid for new scoreboards with the possibility of cost participation from interested parties.
  4. Other Items:
    1. The Special Council meeting scheduled for October 30th has been cancelled. 
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.  Council’s next meeting is scheduled for 5:00 PM on Monday, November 6th