Fire Marshal Inspection FAQs

Fire Marshal Inspection FAQs

A fire marshal inspection is a requirement for businesses to ensure fire safety and compliance with the fire code.


The Sikeston Fire Marshal’s Office inspects these items:

  • Fireworks Sales (Tents and Buildings)
  • Food Trucks
  • General Commercial Inspections
  • Solar Installations
  • Sprinkler Inspections
  • Commercial Kitchen Vent Hood Inspections  


The below items are a general list of items inspected by the Fire Marshal’s Office prior to any occupancy being approved. This list does not fully apply to all occupancies but where questions can arise the Fire Marshal is able to clarify.

  1. Clear path of egress
  2. State Regulations
  3. Emergency Egress Lighting
  4. Door opens and closes proper
  5. Door unlocked from inside
  6. Proper Door Hardware
  7. Electronically locked doors open
  8. Existing Building Means of Egress
  9. Address on Building
  10. Knox Box Required
  11. Knox Box Instructions
  12. FDC/ Sprinkler Identification Required
  13. Fire Equipment Access
  14. Gas Cylinder Security
  15. Electrical Hazards
  16. 3' Clearance around Electrical Panels, Furnace systems
  17. Extension Cords Prohibited
  18. All Electrical Boxes Covered
  19. Firewall Penetrations
  20. Smoke partitions maintained
  21. Fire Extinguishers Required
  22. Fire Extinguishers Mounted no more than 5' no less than 4"
  23. Fire Extinguisher Accessible
  24. Fire Extinguisher Signs
  25. Fire Alarm Required
  26. Annual alarm maintenance and testing
  27. Smoke Detectors Required
  28. Carbon Monoxide Detectors Required
  29. Business License Valid
  30. Display of Business License
  31. Radio Coverage
  32. Smoke alarm interconnection (sleeping units only or new construction)
  33. Trash accumulation
  34. Dumpster not closer than 5' of building.
  35. Exit Sign illumination
  36. Storage
  37. Storage Ceiling Clearance
  38. Storage in Equipment Rooms
  39. Fire Access Roads/Lane
  40. Fire Lane Markings


If you have any questions, contact Zak Haskin at (573) 475-3760 or James Whitley (573) 475-3784.