Mosquito Abatement Program

Mosquito Abatement Program

With early Spring being the beginning of mosquito breeding, all necessary applications for pre-treating have begun to ensure our community the best protection available. The fact that mosquitoes breed from a multiple of sources makes it important that these areas are treated regularly.

mosquito lifecycleMain breeding takes place in areas holding stagnant water, storm water basins, ponds, lakes, moisture pockets in ditches, tall weeds and grass, old tires, etc. There are different applications used specifically for each of these breeding grounds.

Crews will be applying granules in storm basins, larvicide's in the ditches, briquettes in ponds and lakes. We are also monitoring in regards to when the fogging portion of the program should begin.

The Public Works Department is committed to maintaining a Mosquito Abatement Program that is as effective as possible. We urge the public to help us in this battle by maintaining your property, and doing what is necessary not to allow mosquitoes to breed from your yard. If you are interested in a copy of a 10 point yard and home check list, or have any questions please feel free to contact the Department of Public Works at 475-3731 or City Hall at 471-2512. 

Click this link to download the checklist > Mosquito Checklist