Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Division is intended to ensure the acceptable quality of living environments in Sikeston is maintained.  City codes are enforced as a vital aspect of maintaining public safety and mobility and keep neighborhood streets clean and safe from debris that would detract from both the appearance and safety of the community.  These codes regulate matters related to public safety, zoning matters, public commerce, city cleanliness, public advertisements and displays, vehicular issues and environmental matters.

Effective Thursday, December 5, 2013 the City of Sikeston will begin utilizing the 2012 International Building Code with appendices B, E, I and K; 2012 International 1 & 2 Family Residential Code with appendices H, M & P; 2012 International Fire Code; 2012 International Fuel Gas Code; 2012 International Mechincal Code; 2012 International Plumbing Code; 2012 International Swimming Pool Code; 2012 International Existing Building Code; 2012 International Property Maintenance Code; and the 2011 National Electric Code.

Ordinances affecting electrical & plumbing matters prevent many fires and problems that would cause expense and devastation.  Observance of codes prevents the infringement of rights from one neighbor to another.  Codes enable disease control by limiting bug and rodent infestation when enforcing certain lawn care and housing ordinances.

Code-enforcement officers take note of code violations. Through appropriate documentation channels, they deliver notifications to the violators of city codes and ordinances. When an individual is ticketed or summoned to court, they are potentially obligated to pay fines.

Code Enforcement Group Pic 2018

The New and Old Faces of Code Enforcement:
  Robert (Andy) Barnes, Martin Evans, Amy Gosnell, Lorenzo M. Ware Sr., Collin Cecil, and Bruce Copeland
(from left to right as pictured).

The re-organization of Code Enforcement adds greater responsiveness to citizen issues and increases the level of professionalism through various trainings and certification programs.  The divisions of responsibilities are as follows: 

Code Official & City Planner - Lorenzo M. Ware Sr. is responsible for ordinance review and creation processes, overall personnel mangement of the department and citizen engagement. 

Building Inspectors - Collin Cecil (Chief Inspector) & Bruce Copeland share primary responsibilities of commercial & residential structural inspections, permit issuance and plan review.  

Operations Specialist - Amy Gosnell is now tasked as the department permit technician, computer processes coordinator and inspection overflow officer.  

Nuisance Compliance Officers - Robert Andy Barnes and Martin Evans assume the responsibilities pertaining to ordinance enforcement and rental inspections, all of which aid in the overall cleanliness of the city.

Contact Code Enforcement at 573-475-3744 for any of the following:
     Junk & Trash Complaint
     Tall Grass Complaint (over 10")
     Derelict Vehicles
     Rental Inspections
     Business Inspections

Hours of Operation:  Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Location & Contact Information: 
105 E. Center Street
Sikeston, MO  63801
573-475-3744 or 573-471-2512
Fax:  573-471-1526