Honors Board

Image of the Sikeston Parks Honors Board.Since 1986 individuals have been honored by having their names installed on the Honors Board in recognition of their outstanding volunteer contributions to youth programs in the community including baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. The Honors board is located near the Ingram Road entrance to the Recreation Complex.

Anyone wishing to submit an Honors Board nomination may pick up a form from Dustin Care at the Clinton Building, 501 Campanella or click on the "Nomination Form" link below.  You may email the Nomination Form to parks@sikeston.org. Honorees will be selected by the Sikeston Park Board. They may choose up to two people for Honors Board recognition.  The installation ceremony will be held in May. For more information, contact Dustin Care at 475-3725.  Honors Board Nomination Form

Nominations are being accepted for the 2017 Honors Board.  Deadline is Friday, February 24 at 5:00 p.m. 
The Park Board will make its selection at their March 13 meeting. The installation ceremony will be held in May.

2016 Ron Newton
2015 Jeff Miles
2014 Rod Anderson
Dan O'Brien
2013 David Dolan
2012 Jeff Hay
2011 Bonnie Dyer 
2010 Frank Marshall
Mike Vaught
2009 Lynn Lancaster
2008 Jeff Limbaugh
2007 Charlie Miller
2006 Phil Black
2005 Roy Nall
Lynn Hasty
2004 John Peel
Bill Lawson
2003 Allan Davidson
2001 Bill Bye
Charlie Dye
2000 Frank Ferrell
1999 Gary "Bo Ozment
1998 Bob Simpson
1997 Murrie Farris
1996 Clovis Lancaster
1995 Steve Taylor
1994 Ron Borders
1993 Pete Burns
1992 Don Miller
Johnie Dixon
1991 Bill Puckett
Cline Ables
1990 Leroy Palmenter
Pat Collins
1989 Gary Howard
Truman "Slim" Limbaugh
1988 Lyman Dale
Norah Springs
1987 Robert "Buzz" Sitzes
Forrest Robinson
1986 Jim Wilson
Bob Ralph, Sr.
Arthur Bruce