Labor & Training

Labor & Training

The backbone of any community is it's citizens.  Our employers tell us that our workforce is second to none in both employee loyalty and worker productivity.  If skill enhancement is required, take a look at our training facilities.  They are fully customized and user friendly.

Southeast Missouri State University - Sikeston Campus

Higher Education
Southeast Missouri State University - Sikeston Campus 

Three Rivers Community College
Sikeston Career & Technology Center

Local Labor Statistics
Sikeston's labor market area is primarily comprised of four counties. 
In addition to the unemployed, a recently completed survey documents a substantial level of under-employment.  New employers can expect to find a generous labor supply, with a good work ethic.

Unemployment Data - April, 2016
County Labor Force Rate
Scott 20,767 5.4%
New Madrid 9,338 8.1%
Mississippi 6,556 6.2%
Stoddard 13,667 5.8%
State of Missouri   4.2%






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