Tax Increment Financing Committee

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Commission

Advisory in nature, the TIF Commission is convened to study the economic viability of a proposed redevelopment plan or project, to hear public testimony on the issue, and to provide recommendation to the Sikeston City Council regarding the adoption or approval of a proposed tax increment financed redevelopment plan or project.

When considering a TIF project, representatives from Sikeston Public School, Scott or New Madrid County Commission and an at-large representative from either Scott or New Madrid County.  Other taxing entities will be appointed to serve with Sikeston's representatives.

Staff Representative
Jonathan Douglass, Sikeston City Manager


Nathan Cox
Missy Marshall
Matt Marshall
Rik LaPlant
Clayton Driskill
Matt Drake

Appointees-Sikeston Public Schools

Appointees-Scott County Commissioners

Appointee-Scott County At-Large

4 Years

Scheduled Meetings
Meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis and held in the Council Chambers at Sikeston City Hall, 105 E. Center Street

Issues Considered:
Does a proposed TIF project demonstrate a substantial and significant public benefit by eliminating blight, financing desirable public improvements, and strengthening the employment and economic base of the City of Sikeston?

Will the project increase property values, reduce poverty, create economic stability, upgrade older neighborhoods, and facilitate economic self-sufficiency?

Taxing Entity Appointees:
(Determined by the geographic location of each TIF project, resulting in the Commission having different memberships for Scott and New Madrid County projects.):
2 Representatives from School District serving the TIF project’s geographic location
2 Representatives from either the Scott or New Madrid County Commission

1 Representative for all other taxing entities located within proposed TIF District, as determined by the applicable County Commission

Taxing Entity Appointee Term:
From date of appointment through date the Commission’s recommendation is submitted to the Sikeston City Council.