Rental Ordinance Review Board

The Rental Ordinance Review Board shall be responsible for the review of appeals of inspections conducted by staff of the Department of Public Works to insure compliance with Section 8 Guidelines of the Housing Quality Standards (HQS). 

Staff Representative
Collin Cecil, Sr. Building Inspector & Code Enforcement Officer

Dan Marshall
Jim Burden
Bart Grant
Bobby Tyrone
Agnes Mason
Chester Yarber
James Crowe, Sr.
Scott Jenkins
Carrie Lape
Mike Ziegenhorn
Michael Harris

3 Years

Scheduled Meetings
Day:  As Needed Basis
Place:  City Council Chambers, City Hall, 105 East Center Street

Issues Considered:
The Board shall hear appeals of inspections, conducted by members of the Department of Public Works, to insure residential rental property is in compliance with Section 8 guidelines.   Determinations made by the Review Board may only be appealed to the Circuit Court of Scott or New Madrid County.