Public Safety Advisory Board

Public Safety Advisory Board

The Public Safety Advisory Board was developed to recommend administrative actions to the City Manager and legislative action to the City Council.  The Board may also recommend programs to enhance public cooperation and acceptance of the Public Safety Department.

Staff Representative
James McMillen

Council Representative
David Teachout, Council Member

Ned Matthews
Andy Caton
Harry Howard
Jeff Hay
David Terrell
Nathan Cox
Gordon Jones
Karen Evans

3 Years

Scheduled Meetings
Day:  3rd Monday of Every Other Month
Time:  6:00 p.m.
Place:  DPS Headquarters, 201 S. Kingshighway

Issues to Consider:
Development and maintenance of good community relations, implementation of departmental projects, and monitoring of community concerns.  This board is not tasked with specific hiring/firing recommendations regarding the Department of Public Safety personnel or any type of specific discipline recommendations. 

The decisions and actions of this Board are reported through the presentation of approved Board minutes to the City Council.  However, should immediate Council attention or action be required, the City Manager will be informed by the Director of Public Safety.