Economic Development Executive Board

The Economic Development Executive Board mission is to maintain the goals of the department which is to improve the retail and industrial base for the city and create jobs. By utilizing local assets and incentives and through cooperative efforts with city, county and state agencies, the DED works to attract retail and industrial prospects, and help existing businesses expand.  There are no general public members.  The Executive Board is appointed by City Council.

Staff Representatives
Jon Douglass, City Manager, 573-471-2512
Mike Marshall, Director of Economic Development, 573-471-2498

Council Representatives
Steven Burch, Mayor
Ryan Merideth, Mayor Pro Tem
Jon Gilmore, Council Member
Chuck Leible, City Counselor

BMU Representatives
Rick Landers, General Manager
Alan Keenan, Chairman
Jeff Sutton, Vice Chairman

Scheduled Meetings
Day:  Second Tuesday of Each Month
Time:  11:30 a.m.
Place:  Dept. of Economic Development Board Room