Citizen Resource Bank Online Application

The Citizen Resource Bank consists of Sikeston residents who have indicated a willingness to volunteer their time to serve on the boards or commissions listed below.  These members come from all walks of life and have varied expertise and experience.  It is from this Bank that the Sikeston City Council makes the majority of its appointments.

If you are interested in serving on any of the Boards and Commissions listed below, please complete this application online.  If you wish to fill out, print and mail a form, download the .pdf version here.

NOTICE:  Submission of this application only works with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers.  If you are using other programs, such as FireFox, your forms will not submit.  We are working to resolve this issue.  Call 471-2512 if you have any questions.


     Address Line 2: 
         City or Town:  SIKESTON
         State or Province:  MO
         Zip or Postal Code:  63801

                  Cell Phone: 

  1. Are you a registered voter of Sikeston?  YES  NO
  2. How long have you resided within Sikeston City Limits?   Years
  3. State Statute places political restriction on appointees to the Board of Municipal Utilites.  If you wish to be considered for appointment to the BMU, please indicate the following:
    a.  What is your political affiliation? 

          If "Other" please indicate:
    b.  Do you currently hold any political office?  YES  NO
    c.  Are you an employee of city government?  YES  NO
    d.  Do you have any business relationship with the BMU other than as a consumer?  YES NO
  4. Occupation/Profession: 

Please indicate no more than three Boards or Commissions on which you would like to serve.  Please indicate your preference by the numberal 1, 2, and 3.

  Board of Adjustments, 5-year term, meets the 2nd & 4th Monday, 4:00 PM
  Board of Municipal Utilities, 4-year term, meets 2nd Tuesday, 4:00 PM
  Board of Appeals, 3-year term, meets as needed, 4:00 PM
  Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board, 5-year term, meets as needed
  Housing Authority Board, 4-year term, meets 2nd Monday, 12:00 noon
  Industrial Development Authority, 6-year term, meets as needed
  LCRA Advisory Commission, 4 year term, meets 3rd Monday, 11:30 AM
  Library Board, 3-year term. meets 1st Monday, 5:15 PM
  Park Board, 3-year term, meets 2nd Monday, 5:15 PM
  Planning & Zoning Commission, 4-year term, meets 2nd Tuesday, as needed
  Public Safety Advisory Board, 3-year term, meets 3rd Monday, bi-monthly, 6:00 PM
  Rental Ordinance Appeals Board, 3-year term, meets as needed
  Scott County Extension Council, 2-year term, meets 1st Tues., 7:00 PM winter/8:00 PM summer
  SEMO University - Sikeston Campus Advisory Council, 3-year nerm, meets last Wednesday of Quarter, 10:30 AM
  Tourism Advisory Board, 3-year term, meets 4th Tuesday, 4:30 PM, bi-monthly
  Tax Increment Financing Commission (TIF), 4-year term, meets as needed
  Traffic Committee, 3-year term, meets as needed, 4:00 PM
Application Date:  (mm/dd/yyyy)

Applications will remain active for
24 months following receipt.


If you do not receive a confirmation of your application, please call (573) 471-2512 or Contact Us.