Board of Municipal Utilities

Board of Municipal Utilities

The Board of Municipal Utilities of the City is responsible for the development, production, purchase, and distribution of electricity and water, along with other utility services of the City, including but not limited to the sanitary sewer system.

Staff Representative
Rick Landers, Director, Board of Municipal Utilities, 471-3328

Council Representative
Tom Robison, Council Member

Tim Merideth
Jon Gilmore
Diedre Peters
Chad Crowe

4 Years

Scheduled Meetings
Day: 2nd Tuesday of Each Month
Time: 4:00 p.m.
Place: BMU General Office, 107 East Malone Ave.

Issues Considered:
Adoption and general administration of the Board of Municipal Utilities’ operating budget.

General control and oversight of the City’s electrical generation and distribution, water supply and distribution, and waste water treatment and collection (sanitary sewer) systems.

Employment of the Director of Utilities who is responsible to the Board and serves at the Board's pleasure.

Recommendations for the establishment of utility rates. All utility rates are established by the Board and presented to the City Council for approval.

Other matters related to the operation of the Board of Municipal Utilities.