Convention and Visitors Bureau Advisory Board

Tourism Advisory Board (CVB)

The Sikeston Convention & Visitors Bureau is funded through Sikeston’s 4% bed tax.  The CVB’s purpose is to  promote the travel and tourism industry within both the City and Scott County, represent the City in all tourism industry affairs, and educate the public on the economic impact of tourism and its value to this region.  The Tourism Advisory Board is handled by the Sikeston Regional Chamber & Area Economic Development Corporation.

Contact Person
Kathy Medley, Sikeston Regional Chamber

Staff Representative

Council Appointees
Kelly Knight
Shelley McTigue
Derek Hale
Mandy Leible
Clayton Driskill, Jaycee Representative

Council Representatives
John Leible, Council Member
Onethia Williams, Council Member

Ex-Officio Member
Marcie Lawson, Sikeston Regional Chamber
Jason Davis, Historic Downtown

3 Years

Scheduled Meetings
Day:  4th Tuesday, every other month
Time:  8:00 A.M.
Place:  Sikeston Regional Chambers Conference Room

Items Considered:
General operations of Convention & Visitors Bureau

Strategic Marketing of the tourism and hospitality industries