Liquor Licenses

Liquor License Information

If you are going to sell liquor (either by the drink or in package) you must have a liquor license.  This includes retail establishments as well as cash bars at receptions, private parties, and parties where there is a fee to enter.

You can  enter into an agreement with someone that has a liquor license and they can obtain a catering license for your event.  The liquor would then be sold under their license. 

No liquor license is required when a not for profit organization or charitable organization hosts an event if the price of entry covers the meal and liquor.  Licenses would be required if the event included a cash bar.

Liquor Licenses are valid July 1 through June 30.

To obtain a Liquor License you must:

  1. Obtain and fully complete a Liquor License Application.  The form may be  obtained at the Office of the City Treasurer, 105 E.Center, Sikeston, MO   63801 or may be downloaded by clicking here.
  2. Contact Missouri Department of Public Safety Alcohol and Tobacco Control to apply for a State License.
  3. Submit the completed application, along with a $15.00 fee. (Please make checks payable to City of Sikeston, City Treasurer.)
    • The CityTreasurer verifies the accuracy of the application and that the appropriate license is available.
    • Applicants must provide a background check from the State of Missouri,Criminal Records Division. The City can provide this for an additional fee.
    • After a response from the State regarding the  background check is received, a letter is issued to the Division of  Liquor Control verifying the City of Sikeston has the requested license available and that it either has been issued or will be issued upon passage of building inspections and purchase of other municipally required licenses.  A copy of this letter will be provided to the applicant and the City Collector.
    • The application file is forwarded to the City Collector's Office.  The municipal liquor license is issued for the appropriate fee by the City Collector or her designee.
    • The file is returned to the Office of the City Treasurer.