Animal Control

Animal Control

To protect Sikeston residents the City regulates ownership, care, and control of animals. Sikeston Pet and Animal Welfare Services (PAWS) personnel operate the City’s animal control program and the City’s animal shelter. Should you have questions regarding these programs contact Jamie Williams, Shelter Manager, at 573-471-7387 (PETS).  City Code Chapter 205, Article III details the City’s animal control regulations. Violation of these regulations is subject to conviction and fine.  An overview of most frequently requested information follows:
Adequate care of animal required:  The owner of any animal shall give adequate care to each and every animal including wholesome food, clean water, shelter and health care necessary to maintain good health in a specific species of animal. 
Rabies vaccination required:  Any dog or cat over four (4) months of age must be vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian.  The rabies immunization tag, provided by the veterinarian, must be on the animal and easily seen.  

Control of animal:  A dog owner or keeper shall keep his/her dog under adequate control at all times with the use of a properly designed leash or confinement. The owner shall insure that the animal is controlled by an individual with the physical and mental capability to control the animal.
Dogs running at large prohibited:  No person shall permit any dog to run at large upon the streets, alleys or thoroughfares of the City or upon property owned or occupied by another person without the consent of the owner of or person occupying such property.
Defecating, Owner responsible for clean-up:  Any person keeping an animal shall be required to clean up after animal has defecated upon public or private property.
Barking Prohibited:  No owner shall permit a dog to habitually bark, howl or in other ways be a public nuisance. 
Regulation and control of dangerous dogs:   To protect residents the City has implemented strict regulations regarding the keeping and control of pit bull breeds (full or mixed) and other dogs with documented aggressive behaviors.  Refer to City Code Chapter 205, Article VII to access these regulations or contact the City at 471-7387.
Keeping of livestock, domestic animals and fowl prohibited: No person shall keep or maintain horses or cows within one hundred fifty (150) feet of any residence or other dwelling place other than that of the owner, nor keep or maintain a combined total of three (3) or more rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys or other domestic fowl within one hundred fifty (150) feet of any residence or other dwelling place other than that of the owner. 
Keeping of non-human primates:  Owners of non-human primates (monkeys) must maintain control of the animal at all times, either by leash or confinement.  

Animal Regulations (Municipal Code)
Animal Ordinance 5527 (.pdf)

Contact Information:

Sikeston P.A.W.S.
1900 Compress Road at BB Highway
Sikeston, MO  63801
573-471-PETS (7387)

Due to public health and safety issues (COVID), the hours of operation has changed to the following:
Sunday - Closed
Monday - Noon-5:00 p.m., open by scheduled appointments
Tuesday - Noon-5:00 p.m., open by scheduled appointments
Wednesday - Noon-5:00 p.m., open by scheduled appointments
Thursday - Noon-5:00 p.m., open by scheduled appointments
Friday - Noon-5:00 p.m., open by scheduled appointments
Saturday - Closed
Closed on City-observed holidays

Staff will schedule appointments in 30 minute intervals or more, to allow adequate time to discover their new family members and for the process.  This helps keep illnesses from spreading as easily.