Hunting & Fishing

Southeast Missouri has several Federal/State Parks & Conservation Areas providing you with unlimited opportunities to enjoy nature.  Along with hunting and fishing, you can also experience other recreational opportunities such as bird watching, bicycling and hiking.  It is recommened that you contact the park regarding hunting regulations and restrictions prior to your visit.  You may also visit the Missouri Department of Conservation website,, for more information on the areas listed below.
Coon Island (3,223 acres) - Fishing available along with deer, rabbit, squirrel and turkey hunting.  Facilities/features include two boat ramps and two permanent streams (Black River and Swift Ditch).  Located in Butler County, from Poplar Bluff MO, take Highway 53 south, then Route HH south 8 miles, then County Road 244 east 1 mile.

Ben Cash (1,464 acres) - This area is located in the St. Francis River floodplain in Dunklin county. COUNTY MAP-outlineFrom Kennett MO, take Highway 412 southwest, then Route A west, then County Road 516 west over the St. Francis River levee to the parking area.  Facilities include boat ramp, Cash Swamp Natural Area (bottomland hardwoods, swamp), and a permanent stream (St. Francis River).

Little River (1,019 acres) - Located in Dunklin & Pemiscot Counties five miles east of Kennett on Highway 412, this area contains the 150-acre Jerry P. Combs Lake which has six fishing jetties, one concrete fishing platform, one covered, floating fishing dock, and one boat ramp (two lane) with handicap parking. The main area is a 50-car parking lot which is located at the west side of Combs Lake. Disabled-accessible ramps lead from the parking lot to the fishing docks and platform. There is also a pavillion with picnic tables, as well as men's and women's privies, which are located at the parking lot.

Robert G. Delaney Lake Conservation Area  (102 acres) - This bottomland forest features a boat ramp, fishing jetty, pavilions and restrooms.  From Charleston MO, take Route N north, then County Road 222 west 0.50 mile to the area.

Seven Island Conservation Area (1,375 acres) - Fishing in two lakes, hunting (archery & muzzle loading only), camping and bird watching.  Fishing and waterfowl hunting by boat only, when the Mississippi River water level is at or above 30 feet on the New Madrid gauge.  From East Prairie MO, take Highway 80 east, Highway 102 south, then Route A east. 

Ten Mile Pond Conservation Area (3,755 acres) - From East Prairie MO, take Highway 80 east, then take gravel County Road 515 south 5 miles to the tee. At the tee go left 300 yards to headquarters on the right.  Duck and goose hunting and viewing waterfowl are the most popular outdoor activities on the area. Bald eagles are common on the area from late fall through early spring.  Call 573-649-2770 for more information.

Black Island Conservation Area  (3,055 acres) - Fishing and waterfowl hunting by boat only, when Mississippi River is at or above twenty-eight feet (28') on the Caruthersville Gauge.  From Hayti MO I-55 exit, take Highway 84 east, then County Road 337 north, and fishingCounty Road 338 east to the area.  For more information, call 573-290-5730.

Donaldson Point Conservation Area (5,785 acres) - Donaldson Point also is home to several species not usually seen in the Mississippi lowlands. These include the endangered Swainson's warbler that nests in giant cane, Mississippi kites, bald eagles, interior least terns, swamp rabbits, and cotton mice.  The Mississippi River forms part of the east and west boundaries of the conservation area and provides about seven miles of river frontage.  From New Madrid MO, take Route WW east, then Route AB south, and County Road 405 to the area.

General Watkins Conservation Area (1,107 acres) - The area is named for a famous Missouri statesman and Civil War general, Nathanial Watkins, who lived here and is buried in a small cemetery in the forest.  20 acres for fishing in 9 fishable lakes/ponds with camping and picnic areas.  General Watkins Conservation Area is in Scott County, 14 miles north of Sikeston MO (on Highway 61) and 15 miles south of Cape Girardeau MO (on Highway 77).  Call 573-290-5730 for more information. 

Crowley's Ridge (1,878 acres) - The area supports many wildlife species including small game, deer, and turkey.  The area also features two small lakes and several small ponds stocked annually with channel catfish.  From Puxico MO, take Route PP east 10 miles, then County Road 237 south 1 mile.

Holly Ridge (1,000 acres) - Facilities and features at this area include archery range, camping and pavilions.  From Bloomfield MO, take Route E east, then County Road 517 south 2 miles.

hunting with dogMingo National Wildlife Refuge (7,730 acres) - Deer, turkey, squirrel and waterfowl hunting available, along with fishing  and horseback riding.  A total of 279 resident and migratory bird species use refuge habitats throughout the year. Tens of thousands of mallards, Canada geese, and other migrating waterfowl use wetlands as stopover or wintering habitat.  24279 Missouri Highway 51, Puxico MO.  Contact 573-222-3589 for more information.

Otter Slough (4,859 acres) - 350 acres of fishing in four lakes, deer hunting (archery only), dove, waterfowl and rabbit.  Although this area is managed primarily for migratory and wintering waterfowl, many wading birds, shorebirds, eagles and wetland mammals make Otter Slough Conservation Area their home.  Duck numbers have exceeded 60,000 and as many as 250,000 snow geese have been recorded in the past.  Facilities include a concrete boat ramp, 21 unimproved boat ramps, primitive camping, picnic areas, three fishing jetties, and fishing dock.  From Dexter MO, take Highway 60 west, then Route ZZ south 10 miles, then County Road 675 west 2 miles to the area entrance.  Contact 573-290-5730 for additional information.